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Creepypasta OC Bio: Milo The Mime
Name: Milo
Nicknames: The Mime, Death's Fool
Gender: Male
Age: 28
D.O.B: April 1st, 1989
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Whitish-blue
Hair Color: Onyx-black
Hair Style: Formal with a right side-part.
Species: Human
Occupation: Mime
Piercing(s): None
Tattoo(s): Has two black circles on his cheeks
Scar(s): None
Clothes: Wears a black and white striped t-shirt, black slacks and black and white boots. Complimented with black fingerless gloves, a black bowtie, and a white sun hat.
Main Weapons: His hands. Milo is essentially a human Swiss Army knife. He can use his index finger like a sword or knife, he can use them as if they were pistols by pointing and dropping his thumb like the hammer of a pistol, and much more.
Pockets: Nothing

Can go from whimsical carnival perfo
:iconsupersonic6299:SuperSonic6299 0 0
Bang. You're Dead. :iconsupersonic6299:SuperSonic6299 2 0
Creepypasta: Milo The Mime
Have you ever seen another human being get shot, and by someone who didn't even have a gun on his person? I don't even know if I can call him a person...
I was about 9 or 10 when I saw him. The Mime. I don't know if he had an actual name, but the others who I know have seen him always refer to him as "Milo". It's weird. I can't seem to remember people calling him anything other than Milo. I usually just called him The Mime. Still, I was 9 or 10 when I first saw the carnival.
The carnival had recently come to town that summer and I pleaded to my mom to go there. Not much happened around this area, so the carnival hitting this place was almost unheard of. So finally, one day, my mom came into my room and told me to "put on my fun hat" as we were about to head to the carnival.
I had squeed like a fangirl seeing her favorite band for the first time. I didn't waste any time getting ready, throwing on a pair of black sweatshorts and a plain white T-shirt. The car ride there almost f
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Dr. Luke Angel/Agent Zero
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Good evening, my fellow scientists. I am Dr. Luke Angel. However, you may also refer to me as Agent Zero. I am the Site Director of Site-(REDACTED) of the SCP Foundation. I mostly do digital art. Although, you might see a drawing from me once in a while. Be sure to also check out my YouTube channel where I read Creepypastas, SCP Foundation object files, and do some voice work. Farewell, and remember...

The nightmare's just beginning...…
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All characters created by me are not to be used in anyway without my permission. You can draw fan art of them as long as it's not hate art or porn.

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My Aura is Blue.

Personality: I am very loyal and can be the truest friend any Aura could hope to find. On the inside, I tend to be emotional and even a bit moody. However, I know that other Auras depend on me, so I put on a strong front. I tend to live a quiet but enriching life. I'm very giving and is hard for me to let go of relationships. I believe the key to living a good life is simple: Be as honest with myself and others as possible. I value the truth over everything else. I will remain loyal to those who are honest with me, even if their honesty hurts. Compared to most other Auras, I can handle the truth very well. I try take every event into stride. I'm the calm spot in a sea of chaos. I tend to think that the solution to most problems is open communication; I really wish that people would be more real with each other. My personality uses its five physical senses to access information. An emotionally driven personality, I need to be liked and accepted. It is one of the "needs" that can cause apprehension in my personality. I'm a polite, cooperative person who seeks to create conflict-free surroundings. I possess highly developed powers of observation. Family is very important to me and I sometimes find myself in the role of being a caretaker. I'm conservative, reliable and trustworthy - I am quite trusting of others, although I'm very wary in the beginning until I am sure of the other person. I'm not impulsive - I always think before I speak and act and do everything at my own pace in my own time. I take the time to process and share my feelings. I'm genuine, sincere and I take my responsibilities seriously. I have a deep need for peace and harmony in my everyday life. I appear to be confident and self-controlled, but may be hiding my vulnerable side. I'm generally fairly even-tempered, unless my emotions take over - then I can become either moody and over-emotional, or cool and indifferent. I am very sensitive to the needs of others. While I am friendly and sociable, I prefer the company of my own close group of friends. I'm are a rescuer and love to be needed. I can be rigid - I like to stick to what is familiar to me - I stubbornly do things my way even if there is a better way. Untidiness and unpredictability kind of overwhelm me. I don't like to draw attention to myself. While I don't like to have discord or conflict in my life, I'm sometimes the cause of conflict with others; I can be quite manipulative but in a very subtle way.
I make a loyal and faithful marriage partner and I am an honest, trustworthy and sincere friend. I'm aware of others feelings and very sensitive to the moods of others. I am approachable and friendly, always making people feel welcome in my life. I have a thirst for knowledge in order to gain wisdom and appear knowledgeable in whatever area interests me. I can be too cautious and worry about every little thing (Almost like Death the Kid or Paranoid Twilight. Major props if you get the references!).

Perfect Color Love Match: Red: Committed and Passionate they are definitely a good mate.

Friendship Color: When me and purple are together no one can stop me!

Color Opposite: My color wheel opposite is Orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but I feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.

Words that Describe me: Emotional, Serious, Confident, Determined, Sensitive, Peaceful, Tranquil, Connected, Spiritual, Experimental, and Deep

My purpose in life is to show love to other people and prove that I am me, nobody else!

Click the URL for the theme song of each character or object! More coming soon!

Zero's Theme:…
Young Zero's Theme:…
Adult Zero's Theme:…
X's Theme:…
Spirit Blade Theme:…
Final Zero's Theme:…
Anti Zero's Theme:…
Corrupted Zero's Theme:…
Zero's Heartless's Theme:…
Regular Battle Theme:…
Boss/Zero's Battle Theme:…
X's Battle Theme:…
X's 2nd Battle Theme:…
Anti Zero's Battle Theme:…
1. Your Fursona/Persona!
Your character that represents you!
Zero The Hedgehog and Dr. Luke Angel/Agent Zero. Zero was my first OC and Dr. Angel is the avatar for my YouTube and probably my new main Persona.

Zero In LBP 2 by SuperSonic6299A Fallen Angel... by SuperSonic6299

2. Your "Guardian Angel"
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.
I don't know if I can call him a "guardian" to me, but The Savior is certainly guarding a certain someone, even if has to kill for her...

The Picture That Almost Gave Me Nightmares by SuperSonic6299

3. Your Sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.
For some reason, my version of Isaac from The Binding of Isaac makes me smile every time I see him. I have no idea why.
Bullied... by SuperSonic6299

4. The Odd One
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?
Milo the Mime. No doubt. (The one on the left.)

Bang. You're Dead. by SuperSonic6299

5. Sentimental Value
Okay. Now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?
Zero. He was the first character that I really put time and effort into. And I still am to this day.

Zero In LBP 2 by SuperSonic6299

6. The Fancy One!
Your flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.
My characters aren't really meant to be flashy or anything. If I had to choose the "fancy one", it would be Agent Zero.

A Fallen Angel... by SuperSonic6299

7. The Rare One!
How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

8. Weird Attachment
Umm...X (The Pikachu)?

What Did I Do to Deserve This? by SuperSonic6299

9. The Fandom Character
You heard me! Everyone's got one, so fork them over!
Oy. This old shame from when I was still a Brony.

Flaming Aura/Wildfire/Flame by SuperSonic6299

10. The Newbie
Okay. Who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!
So far, Milo is "the kid" in terms of how long he's been around.

Bang. You're Dead. by SuperSonic6299

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